Steps To Follow To Initiate an Arbitration

Steps To Follow To Initiate an Arbitration

The arbitration procedure begins with the presentation of the arbitration request before the COURT OF ARBITRATION PMR, who will record that date in the registry enabled for this purpose. For this, you can fill in the corresponding form that you will find at the bottom of this page.

The request will be accompanied by the contract, bylaws, or any other document that causes the controversy. Said document must include the arbitration agreement from which the jurisdiction of the COURT OF ARBITRATION PMR to administer the arbitration derives.

The presentation of the instance gives rise to the payment of a registration fee and the payment of the fees determined by the COURT OF ARBITRATION PMR, without which the COURT OF ARBITRATION PMR will not be able to initiate the introductory procedure; that procedural phase that aims to order the preliminary procedural questions that will lead to the initiation of the arbitration procedure itself, which will be conducted before the arbitrator.

Upon receipt of the arbitration request with all its documents and copies, correcting, where appropriate, the defects it suffers and paying the required rights, the COURT OF ARBITRATION PMR will send a copy of the request to the defendant without delay and will instruct the successive procedures.

Presentation Of The Request For Arbitration Before The COURT OF ARBITRATION PMR

If you prefer, you can fill out the following form to request COURT OF ARBITRATION PMR arbitration, attaching the required documents and proof of payment of the admission and opening fees. Contact us if you need it to know more about the steps to follow.